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Sportive Union of Bergerac Racing Car

The USB Racing Car was previously called model club off-road vehicle of Bergerac and was founded in the 80’s. It was named over USB Racing Car in 1991 when it became part of the USB omnisport (general-purpose). As its name indicates, this club gathers amateurs of modelling radio controled cars, in all disciplines (Thermal, electric), all categories (all-land race tracks) and all scales.

The circuits are situated on the Piquecailloux playground, Allée des Grands Ducs in BERGERAC owned by the town hall of BERGERAC that is the main sponsor.
But for everyone who doesn’t know BERGERAC, let’s talk about our charming town first.Bergerac and the Dordogne river

The Town of Bergerac

 Between vineyard and the Dordogne river, BERGERAC car be visited throughout the year, thanks to its enchanting old town which has recently been restored, Saint Jacques church, streets from the 14, 15 and 16 centuries, half timbered houses, the house of wine, Recollects cloister, barge, museum ... 

the old town of BERGERAC

The name of BERGERAC is well-known and often associated with CYRANO even though he actually never came to town . But BERGERAC has preserved 14 Th century testimonies, when its wealth and grandeur was at its peak. During that time, the town was a great supplier of wine to the kingdom of London. BERGERAC is definitely a starting point when it comes to discovering wineries spread over 12000 hectares. Some of the most renowned wines are red BERGERAC wines. Their wine making progress for the last 10 years have been recognized with one accord PECHARMANT wines which are long lasting wines, and of course the marvellous sweet white wines…

the castle of monbazillac 

 BERGERAC is o BERGERAC is one of the largest communes in the entire Dordogne region. It is spread aver 5609 hectares. According to the latest census report, BERGERAC is about 30000 inhabitants. More and more British people are coming thanks to Roumanieres BERGERAC airport with regular flights To Great Britain and retired people who buy houses in the region too. So the town is changing and the numbers of buildings permits attest a small revolution


the airport 

 BERGERAC will welcome you with its beautiful traditional markets, activities throughout the year and almost all, Its fancy restaurants ! Should not,  either, ignore the walks to boat on the river Hope. Another way, original, to discover the surroundings of the cty Bergerac.


Boat on the Dordogne


But let’s not forget that BERGERAC is also the country of modeling cars As a matter of fact. The club is used to organize regional and national car races in off-road category (Exhibition races, regional races, and national races as championship events or national cup).

Some practical information



See you soon in perigord, the country of prehistory and quality of live where we are looking forward to welcome all the competitors and amateurs of R.C racing cars.


BERGERAC - FRANCE – Région : Aquitaine – district : Dordogne (24100)
G.P.S.point. Lat. 44° 50’ 54 – Long 0° 30’ 35 Est

8 bis, rue Jean, Jacques Rousseau
24100 BERGERAC Tel. & Fax :00+33. 

Dordogne (24) - Aquitaine
97, rue Neuve d'Argenson, 24100 BERGERAC
tél. 00+
télécopie : 00+

 Site internet : tourisme - Courriel : Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. 

The tourist information center can send you anytime brochure and leaflets about BERGERAC and its region: Hotels, restaurants, wine route, tourist information, map of the town, holiday houses to rent
(Booking service and directly to the owners).